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Bio-Energy Therapy.
Bio meaning Life and Energy interpreted to mean vibration is one of the energy healing practices that is now becoming widely accepted throughout the world. Over the last 20 years there has been much medical research carried out in this area. It is agreed that all life must have an energy source to survive. It is when this energetic force is out of balance disease occurs.
The human body can be compared to an electrical conductor. If the body is healthy and conducts electric current properly then good health will result. However in the case of a body's inability to conduct electric current in a harmonised way, then disease will result.

The body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. This field is sometimes called the Auric field. It is within this field that energy re-balancing occurs. We can have a direct influence our energetic fields by the foods we eat, the exercise we take and also the emotional and psychological way we live our life. Obviously trauma will also affect the flow of energy throughout the body. During a bio-energy session this energy will be re-balanced and any major blockages will be located and cleared.

The tools of a bio-Energy therapist are his hands.

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What to expect at a session of Bio-Energy.
The Therapist will take a brief medical history and then explain how the therapy will be administered. He will give you a chance to ask any questions that you might have prior to starting the session.

The Scan.
The initial scan is done in a criss- cross pattern Down the front of the body and then down the back of the body. The scan is carried out using the hands. Our hands are full of sensory receptors i.e. they can sense heat, cold, pain, touch, pressure etc. It is through these sensory receptors that the therapist detects imbalances in the energy field of the client.


 Clearing the Auric field.

 Once the Scan has been carried out, then any blockages or deficiencies in the energy field are corrected. The energy is drawn through the Chakras and the meridians to restore a harmonious flow of energy.



Completing the session.
The therapy ends with similar scans to the ones carried out at the start of the session. Advice will be given to the client regarding diet or lifestyle changes that may be necessary to ensure their life returns to a state of harmony. Breathing techniques and physical exercise may be demonstrated in order to help the client return to full physical fitness.

Duration of session.
The Bio-energy therapy is approximately 30mins. In duration and must be carried out on four consecutive days. Around the second or third day of the treatment, some clients experience a release of tension or emotions. This can seem as if the condition is worsening. In fact this is a positive sign and is an important part of the healing process. In most cases short term worsening of the condition is a prelude to the restoration of full health.


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