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Cosmetic Acupressure / Massage.

Cosmetic Acupressure / Massage also called Facial enhancement  is a very effective, non surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. The treatment is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses Acupressure instead of needles (Acupuncture). The pressure exerted on the points is minimal and the treatment can be very relaxing. As the points are pressed there will be an increase of blood and Qi circulation to the local area and also collagen production is stimulated. This collagen will help to fill out lines and reduce wrinkles giving firmness to the skin and producing a healthy glowing complexion.

Acupressure and its related theory have been used for thousands of years to treat many conditions and illnesses. Cosmetic Acupressure has attracted great attention in the last few years as many of the top Hollywood stars have chosen this treatment to help them combat the aging process.

In a report from the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture (1996) it was reported that among 300 cases treated with Cosmetic Acupuncture / Acupressure, 90% had remarkable effects with just one course of treatment. The positive effects included: The skin became more delicate, improved elasticity in the facial muscles, healthier complexion, reduced lines and wrinkles and an overall rejuvenation of the facial area.

Remember: The facial rejuvenation massage is the skins most necessary procedure of cosmetic treatments . During our Facial rejuvenation treatment Acupressure is utilised in conjunction with the massage. This will have a positive effect on blood flow and normalizes metabolism, aids toxin excretion, helps the skin to breathe and prevents blood suspension. Massage strengthens the tissues and muscles, keeps the skin more smooth, young and supple. Cosmetic facial massage is done with special facial oil / balm, it smoothes facial skin and effectively fights against wrinkles

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