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What is Psychotherapy/Hypnoanalysis?
Hypnoanalysis (analytical hypnotherapy) is used to help the longer term problems. Hypnoanalysis is an extremely effective and powerful form of hypnotherapy that has been used for over thirty years in helping people with the longer term problems such as social phobia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other phobias.

Hypnoanalysis seeks to find the root cause of a problem. When the root cause of a problem is revealed, the symptoms can disappear, and the change is for lasting good.

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Cause and effect .
Hypnoanalysis works on the basis that every symptom has a cause, just in the same way that the term 'cause-and-effect' works in other areas of life.

Where the two different types of hypnotherapy that we use differ so greatly, is the way in which they seek to help to deal with the problem.

Hypnoanalysis looks at the root cause of the problem, whereas suggestion hypnotherapy works on the symptom only, seeking to relieve the symptom in the hope that the effects will be long term. Unfortunately utilising suggestion therapy as the main source of intervention seems to work for a small percentage of clients whereas utilising hypnoanalysis seems to have an effect on a larger percentage of clients.

Underlying Anxiety
It is widely accepted that symptoms like panic attacks, phobias and social anxiety for example, are all different symptoms caused by an 'underlying' anxiety.

The symptoms differ simply because we all handle situations differently, and so one 'underlying' anxiety might cause one set of symptoms in one person, and a completely different set of symptoms in another person.

One of the biggest benefits of hypnoanalysis, is that once the 'underlying' anxiety (the 'cause') is reduced, ALL of the associated symptoms (the 'effects') can reduce accordingly. This means that hypnoanalysis can often help a far wider range of issues than the person having the hypnotherapy expected!

Hypnoanalysis is a course of therapy.
Make no mistake,hypnoanalysis is not a quick-fix. It takes a certain amount of commitment in terms of time and effort, financially, as well as in effort and self-discipline.

Hypnoanalysis is not a 'passive' therapy... it's a very involving process and can be very absorbing, incredibly interesting.... often challenging and definitely life changing.

You could learn more about yourself, and the way you think, than you ever thought possible.

It can be very rewarding and the gains can be immense.

Which type of hypnotherapy is best for you?
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Hypnoanalysis usually takes 10-15 weekly sessions, lasting about an hour each.

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