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     Complete Body and Mind Therapy. 
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Therapies INCLUDE a combination of

Auricular Acupuncture
Traditional Acupuncture
Positive Response Programming (NLP)

Very high success rate. Only one session required.
Cost of the treatment is €150 and includes a Hypnotic and subliminal CD and DVD for home use. To enhance the effects of the treatment a personalised Hypnotic and subliminal                                                                                            DVD is also available.

Why do you smoke? 
(To carry out this test we suggest you print a copy from your printer)

To understand the reasons you smoke fill out the following questionnaire, by scoring each question between 1 and 4.

4 = Always me.
3 = Frequently me
2 = Occasionally me
1 = Never me.

As you fill out each question, record your score in the appropriate box below.
When all questions have been answered then add up the scores horizontally across each line. Example..........A + G + M = You smoke because you feel it stimulates you.

AI smoke cigarettes to give me a lift & to make it through the day4321
BHandling a cigarette is part of the enjoyment of smoking it.4321
CI find smoking cigarettes relaxing,4321
DI light up a cigarette when I feel angry or upset about something.4321
EWhen I run out of cigarettes I find it unbearable until I get them.4321
FI smoke cigarettes automatically without even being aware of it.4321
GCigarettes stimulate me and perk me up.4321
HPart of the enjoyment of smoking comes from the steps of lighting it up.4321
II find cigarettes pleasurable4321
JI light a cigarette when I feel uncomfortable about something.4321
KI am very much aware of the fact when I am not smoking.4321
LI light a cigarette without realizing I have one burning in the ashtray.4321
MCigarettes give me energy or life when I need it.4321
NPart of the enjoyment of smoking is watching the smoke as I exhale.4321
OI want a cigarette most when I am comfortable and relaxed.4321
PI smoke when I feel down or when I want to take my mind off cares and worries.4321
QWhen I haven't smoked for a while I get a real gnawing hunger for a smoke4321
RI have found a cigarette in my mouth and didn't remember putting it there.4321
TestScore TestScore TestScore TotalReason
C______+I______+O______=______Pleasure and relaxation
D______+J______+P______=______Crutch: Tension reducer
E______+K______+Q______=______Craving: Psychological addiction
Score of 9 and above is high; any score of 6 and below is low.


 Now if you feel the time is right to become a non smoker using this unique combination therapy please contact us at any of the phone numbers or the email address below.


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